Companies and brands with purpose

At Felidarity we have always been driven by one clear idea: building ethical and sustainable brands and organizations that positively impact people's lives.

It was with this commitment that we set out almost a year ago. 10 years and for this reason we decided that we wanted to be a company that would B Corp. Not only did we want to help our customers be better companies for the world, but we ourselves also wanted to be a good company for people and the planet, integrating our purpose into our management model.

This way of understanding our company and our value proposition started from a clear conviction: values and the development of a culture that concretizes an organization's ethical commitments are the key starting point for organizations to connect with their stakeholders. stakeholders. 

This way of being and doing is what we wanted to capture in this brand relaunch, better reflecting our philosophy of action. 

Our name: 

Felidarity has always been a difficult word to remember and pronounce. We sensed it and we have confirmed it over the years. However, it has a reason and that is why we continue to maintain it. 

The name Felidarity was born from the fusion between Felicidad and Solidarity. From the very beginning, the two partners had a strong idea that was very relevant to both of us: helping others makes you feel better. And that is precisely one of the main returns we obtain with our workbecause we are convinced that generating and living in an ethical environment makes people feel better and organizations have a better impact. So our name, although difficult, will continue to accompany us as long as we continue to feel that happiness.

Our claim:

That organizations connect with their stakeholdersIn a broad sense, this is a major objective of any organization that wants to endure over time. Companies generate value propositions that aim to generate engagement on its customers, its teams, its suppliers, its investors or financiers and society as a whole. 

This objective being so relevant for companies and organizations in general, at Felidarity, we are convinced that the basis of this meaningful relationship between organizations and their stakeholders is in the connection of their values. Generating a relationship framed in an ethical climate is key to generating powerful, relevant and lasting connections. 

All this hides our claim branded: connecting values. 

Our logo:

The logo that accompanies us represents the values and personality that characterizes us at Felidarity: four hands joined together, ours and those of our customers, which when joined together generate an even greater symbol that simulates the lotus flowerlinked to classical symbologies of balance and equilibrium.

Four hands united because we are committed to understanding the company as an organization that brings together the interests and expectations of different stakeholders. This integration of stakeholders is not just a simple sum of expectations, but generates a greater result, represented by the lotus flower. 

In addition, lotus flower is the only flower that is both flower and fruit. With this in mind, for us, this logo means not only integrating diverse expectations, which is valuable in itself, but that such integration generates a key result, for companies: to connect better and in a more lasting way with their different stakeholders. stakeholders. 

In short, connect with the stakeholdersThe company's commitment to the development of sustainable strategies that start from an ethical commitment has a return for the company. And that's what we focus on at Felidarity.